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AJ Lawns provide a range of products to choose from. Each type of grass is specific to it’s qualities.
We also clear the area and create a good, level base for your grass.


This is a good and proper grass for our Cape Summers, they take well to sun but do not like shade. Most of our clients prefer this type of grass as it does not need much to grow. The color of this grass is green to dark green and creates that aesthetic appeal you are looking for. This grass grows.

LM Berea

The LM Berea is a very strong grass type which requires high temperatures. Perfect for the scorching summers. The color of this grass is a yellowish green.


We recommend this grass for South African drought. Not much needed. This is always recommended on your holiday home or resort. The Cynodon is a grey to green of color.


This Buffalo grass is a red, green and yellow shade. This is also a popular type of grass for many people. The Buffalo grass does very well in Sandy areas.

Water Provider

We have a range of water sources. Our primary water source is naturally sourced. If you need clean, quality water.
Purchasing water is a new thing for most Capetonians with the water restrictions. Not only this, we understand that Summer is a scorcher and we all need to water our garden, fill our pool and our Jojo tanks. AJ Lawns provide you with easy and causes little to no inconvenience to our customers.
Our pricing is based on the volume of water purchased and your location.


About Us

AJ Lawns is a supplier of Grass and Water around the Cape Town and surrounding areas. The western Cape has a diverse area of Sand and Grass. For example the The Cape Flats used to be called Cape Flats Sand Fynbos. AJ Lawns understand that everyone wants to walk out in their lush green garden and enjoy what nature provided. With this said, we also understand that getting your garden to be green and luscious is not something you can do overnight. AJ Lawns can!
We supply and lay your grass for you. Why would you want to do the hard work when Andre and his team specialize in this and will give you the quality you deserve.

Today you walk on a Sandy path to your front door, tomorrow you open the door to soft luscious grass.
With the water restrictions you might think that it will be costly and very irresponsible, this is why AJ Lawns also provide water. Yes we have you covered. You order the amount of water you need for your Jojo tank and we will supply.

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